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Optimize your mobile capabilities to help capture today’s top candidates

As Chief Technical Officer of a leading Applicant Tracking System (ATS) provider, I get kidded a bit for being somewhat of a magpie about new “shiny objects.” But what I’m really excited about is the valuable benefits of those objects—how they can help us do our jobs better, faster and smarter.

To my mind (and more than a few others), fast and empowering mobile tools for today’s job seekers are some of the most important “shiny object” available today. 

There’s no question that growth in the use of mobile devices to access the internet has been nothing short of explosive. With larger screens, lightning connectivity and many apps, consumers—and candidates—are coming to expect to engage effectively with organizations via their smart phones. Statistics show that nearly a quarter of all Google searches containing the word “job” come from mobile devices. A recent survey also found that employees were using social media more than any other platform to conduct their job search, and that 43% of job seekers are accessing through their mobile phones.

Today’s most sought-after, savvy and qualified applicants are already gainfully employed. Understandably, they don’t want to take the risk of job-hunting on their company’s network. Much as been said about the importance of providing a great mobile interface for candidates and making it easy for them to apply with their smart phone. Companies have been running to make apps and mobile-only sites. But is this the best solution?

Just a handful of years ago, companies needed a mobile site. But stripped, mobile-only sites can prove frustrating and ineffective—I don’t like using them, and a high percentage of those I polled felt the same. The apps offered are great for recruiters and others on the company end, but don’t do much to help eager applicants. And even when it’s possible to access a company’s full website via mobile, there are still roadblocks to usability.

Only a few providers and organizations are delivering a compelling, maximized mobile careers experience—through a mobile-optimized careers site.

Fully functional versions of a company’s careers center has become almost an imperative to enable the best candidates to engage with you as easily and effectively as possible. I believe that the ideal solution is to mobile optimize an existing site, instead of making a brand-new mobile-only site that lacks valuable content and capabilities.

I’m fortunate to work at a company with a highly agile development philosophy, and one that has been at the forefront in offering mobile efficiencies. Our product, SmartSearch, offers mobile optimization options to enhance our clients’ career centers. Not only do candidates gain full access to the career site’s functionality, it allows job seekers to conveniently apply for positions from their devices using an existing online profile from Monster, Indeed or LinkedIn without recreating a resume or filling in tiresome forms. And applicants who have activated the “job-alert” feature are able to simply click through to apply on the spot.

The most attractive job candidates are busy, involved, and don’t want to waste time. With mobile optimization of your company’s website careers center, you gain an important advantage in recruiting them—while helping keep your organization at the leading edge of technology and current trends.  And as I see it, that’s definitely better, faster and smarter!

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