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Don’t Stop at the LinkedIn Personal Profile In Your Job Search!

You probably have seen the posts, the emails, and the training announcements where ‘specialists’ are horn blowing about building up your LinkedIn profile. They are directing you to get it filled out completely, get certain sections added, and the final promise is that recruiters or desperate clients will find you there. And they want to train you to do it, and promising you can make more money with a rich LinkedIn profile. Read More »

What is the Contingent Workforce?

US temp jobs rise, yet again. Each month, the number of temporary professionals in the workforce has been increasing and reaching new all-time highs. When the BLS released the employment numbers this month, they reported an increase that brings the total temporary workers to almost 2.9 million. Read More »

The Truth About Talent

The truth about talent is simple. They’re different. They know it, and they expect employers to know it, as well. Those that do AND demonstrate that’s the case in their recruiting strategy and tactics will have a genuine advantage in the War for the Best Talent. Read More »

Job search is common sense.

The Job hunting process is still generically the same from the 20th to the 21st Century. Because many job seekers are 'amateurs', they may not know the protocols as professional career searchers. The difference is in the 21st Century, most job applications and resume submissions are done online. Read More »

Talent Whispering

With all of the talk these days about social recruiting, you’d think there would be a good understanding of how best to communicate with high caliber prospects online. The low yields now being reported from such interactions, however, indicate that much of our messaging isn’t having its intended impact. That’s why we need to adopt the art of talent whispering. Read More »

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