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Overview: Messina Staffing

Our company was incorporated in 1991. We are the successor business to a personnel service that our President opened in Cincinnati in 1977 and managed until 1991. In June of 1991 we bought the business from the parent company in Columbus, Ohio. We believed local ownership would enable us to be more responsive to the needs of our customers and our associates. That, we expected, would make us more successful and able to service more customers and grow the business.

The business has expanded several times since 1991 and is still growing.  We moved our main office and headquarters in to our own new office building in December of 1999. We now have more departments than we had associates when we started. We attribute our success and growth to our customers and our associates. 

Our Client Company Customers have been open with us regarding their staffing needs and frustrations. They have worked with us to develop effective and cost-effective staffing solutions. 

We followed our  Client Customers' lead as we focused on their needs for both permanent and temporary employees.  We took on the search for the "perfect" employee.   We began with fulfilling those needs in Accounting and Finance, Engineering and Manufacturing and Information Technology.  As our success developed we were able to expand our areas of discipline to also include Administrative Support, Sales and Marketing, and Human Resources. 

Our Candidate Customers have entrusted us to be their consultants in career development and growth. They have responded with loyalty and referrals to our efforts to work with and help them. 

Our Associates have worked hard to provide a consistently superior level of personalized service to our Client Company and Candidate Customers. While maintaining a close "high touch" approach, our people have sought out and embraced every "high tech" tool and technique available.  We strive to be "Simply the Best" Executive Recruiting Firm in our market. 

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